Dews Academy is an educational portal for online tutoring.

This Project


It included integration with payment gateway and online video conference APIs. The technologies used to build this website are ASP.NET Web API, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, C#, AJAX, JSON and SQL.

Marketplace for online courses delivered by tutors using video conference platform

Student enrollment into a course and online fees payment.

Syllabus upload for a course by a tutor or admin. Administration of additional study materials and exercises.

Feedback by a student and analysis of feedback and suggestions provided by students for the tutors.


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Success Story

“When the chips were down – Dumanhill Technology showed up for us. It was such a relief to be able to reach out to them and have them respond. We are very grateful that we know them, that we have the privilege to do business together and that we have them in our corner. Thank you!”


Sanjeev Panigrahi